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Heating Fuel Account Application

All new account holders that would like credit are required to provide a deposit of $400.00. The deposit may be waived with the presence of a Credit Card attached to the file as collateral, and the understanding that overdue invoices may be automatically charged to the card. A $1000 pre-authorization will be processed through the card and immediately refunded. This is a precaution to check that the card is valid. Account holders that do not pay a deposit or put a credit card on file must prepay for their deliveries and are restricted to “on-call” status. Customers that repeatedly fail to pay their outstanding balance within the payment terms will face the loss of their credit with Fuel Yukon. A customer that that is 30 days overdue three times or 60 days overdue twice will be switched from credit to pre-pay and from Autofill to On Call (if applicable).

On Call Deliveries: Our standard price for on call deliveries is for 400 litres or more. All orders not meeting this requirement will be subject to a higher price per litre. Deliveries of less than 100 litres will be charged for 100 litres. If the delivery location is more than 15 km from Whitehorse city centre, deliveries of less than 400 litres will be charged for 400 litres. Payment is due within 15 days of the invoice date. On call deliveries are scheduled when we are delivering in that area. Deliveries within Whitehorse city limits will be delivered within 2 week and deliveries outside of city limits and within our delivery area will be delivered within 4 weeks. If a customer needs a delivery sooner than we can efficiently schedule there will be a Rush Fee calculated based on the kilometres your location is from our route on the day of your delivery. OnCall emergency delivery fee (evenings, weekends, after hours) is $250 with a minimul delivery quantity of 400 L).

Autofill Program: The Autofill Program is available to customers who wish to have a regular delivery every 1-2 months during the heating season. Customers who enroll in the Autofill Program receive a discount on their heating oil. If you are interested in this program, please see details below.

Deliveries: If a delivery cannot be made due to snow, dog feces, inaccessible tanks, frozen gate, etc. the customer will receive one warning in writing via email. Subsequent unsuccessful deliveries will incur a fee which will be calculated based on the distance of your location from our route on the day we attempt the delivery.

Cancellation Policy: Deliveries must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance. Once a delivery has been scheduled and the delivery notice email has been issued, a $23 cancellation fee will be issued for the cancellation request if it is received before the driver reaches the delivery location. If a delivery cancellation is received after the driver reaches the delivery location and the driver hasn't completed the delivery, the customer will be subject to a delivery fee of $43.

Tank Locks: Fuel Yukon can provide a lock for your tank if the tank has a locking cap. The lock is leased free of charge for Autofill customers that receive a top-up (full tank) with every delivery. A deposit of $35 is required for a lock for on call customers and autofill customers that request a limit on their delivery amount. The lock remains the property of Fuel Yukon and must be returned upon request. Unreturned or damaged locks will be charged to the customer.

Late Payments: Balances over 60 days past due are subject to collection action. Interest is compounded at 2% per month (with a minimum monthly finance charge of $10) on all past due balances over 30 days. By signing below the customer agrees to pay all interest charges, finance charges and legal fees associated with collection of overdue amounts. Customers are typically notified by email the day before delivery. If an email address is not provided there is no alternative notification option. For any discount that is affiliated with an account holder’s employment, proof of employment must be provided annually to maintain the discount. Employment related discounts will be automatically removed in June and the customer must provide updated employment records to reinstate the discount. Emergency deliveries outside business hours will be subject to a $245.00 Emergency Call Out Fee and require a minimum of 400 litres to be purchased. Emergency deliveries during business hours will be subject to either a $245.00 Emergency Call Out Fee or a Rush Fee that is calculated based on the kilometers your location is from our route that day. Autofill Terms & Conditions Autofill customers receive a 3-cent a litre discount.  The buyer will be delivered to on an assessed need schedule. Payment is due within 15 days of the invoice/delivery date. For residential deliveries, a subsequent delivery will not be completed until the previous delivery is paid in full. If we are unable to schedule your delivery due to an unpaid invoice, you will have the option to place an on-call order at on call pricing or wait until the next delivery rotation (4-6 weeks). If this happens twice within a 6-month period, Autofill service will be terminated, and your account will revert to on-call status. Monthly deliveries under 200 litres may be switched to a bi-monthly schedule. If deliveries are under 100 litres when on a bi-monthly schedule the buyer may not be eligible for Autofill service. If the customer claims to be out of fuel, and an emergency delivery is initiated but the tank was not empty, the customer has to cover the $100 dollars fee for any delivery over 500 L or the full emergency call out fee of $250 dollars plus the cost of the fuel. Termination of this Agreement Either party may terminate this agreement at any time with two (2) days of notice in writing. The buyer agrees that they will be responsible to pay for any heating oil delivery made to their delivery location so long as this agreement has not been terminated in writing and that termination has been acknowledged by the seller in writing. The seller will not confirm the buyer’s intention to continue their participation in this program in future years. If the buyer moves, they hereby agree that they must terminate this agreement in writing and receive confirmation of their termination in writing or pay for any future deliveries that are made to the delivery location until such termination notice has been submitted by the buyer and confirmed by the seller Fuel Yukon offers an Equal Payment Program (EPP) for customers on our Autofill service. If you are interested in Enrolling in the EPP, please request a copy of the EPP Enrollment Form.

Accepted Forms of Payment Online Banking Bill Payments Cash Cheque EFT Credit Card (Mastercard & Visa) Interac Debit
Credit Card Payment Authorization
It is the customers responsibility to always ensure the processability of their credit card. Fuel Yukon will try processing a card and note down if it was declined and it is ultimately the client's obligation to ensure enough funds on the card.
It is my understanding that the oil tank into which the heating oil is to be delivered and the plumbing attached is property constructed and maintained so as to ensure that the integrity of the system is sufficient for the safe receival and retention of the fuel delivered to it. if there is any failure of the tank or system to property receive and retain fuel, Fuel Yukon will not be held liable.